What's in a Name?

Why would anyone name their truck 'Mr. Hanky'? Well, I didn't. Suhwee-T did.

Mr. Hanky started life as a 1978 Specialty Edition Scout II (304, AT, 3.07 with traklock). The Specialty Edition was terra cotta brown with a gold stripe, gold wheels, rallye steering wheel and an SSII grill. When I got it, it had a standard '78 grill, but that's since been replaced with an SSII grill again.

When I first bought it from Mike Taylor in Lancaster, PA, it ran great, but the body was a bit rough and the rear brakes made noise. Turned out the adjuster had come loose in one of the drums. Easy fix. Drove it out to Nats where it 'won' Ugliest Truck. My wife asked me if I was proud of that award. Of course I was (and still am!).

It has since been rattle canned black. About the only original things on it now are the tub (which is having much metal replaced), the frame, trans/transfer case and one fender. All other sheetmetal, engine (now a 345 from Dirt Devil), axles (3.73 also from Dirt Devil), windshield frame, top, seats (also from Dirt Devil) and dash pad have been swapped. A roll bar and shoulder belts are installed. Buckets seats and center console added.

It now also sports a 2" body lift with new bushings and 4" spring lift which combined lifted it 6.5". Also now running 32" ATs, giving it a nice stance.

The passenger floor and rockers were totally replaced. Also patched the driver's side firewall, kick-panel area. Now working on patching the driver's side floor, then the mid mount and quarter panel.

It's a process.

Oh, and back to the name. At said first Nationals, we were at dinner with the Glancy's after wrapping up the show on Sunday night and the subject turned to my Scout. The consensus was that it looked like a turd, worthy of the Ugliest Truck award. So Suwee-T chimes in and says it looks like Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo from South Park. The name stuck.