Monday, November 29, 2010

new Johnny Lightnings

I went looking for the new R10 JL Scout - the turquoise one and found that there is already an R11 version out - silver with no top and black wheels. Didn't find any while out and about at the stores, but I scored 4 of the former and two of the latter from online dealers - at retail price not the eBay collector price. Now if I find 'em at the stores, I'll just pick 'em up to share with the crew.

Speaking of the crew, if anyone is looking for the four pack with the yellow rallye, I have 4 extras and the local Toys-R-Us is stocked with plenty more.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Little Ether, A Little Air

So, haven't done much of anything with Hanky since Pinelands. I did, however get the two mud tires mounted on the steel spokes that Jon brought me. Figured I'd try my hand at it. I mean, after watching a few YouTube videos, I'm like an expert, right?

Took a little effort, but I got 'em on. Decided to try the redneck ether trick to set the bead. Determined that you can't go too light on the ether or it won't pop. Though when I did get it to work, it blew the core right out of the valve stems on both wheels. Dang. Off to the car store to get two more and try it again. This time it worked like a charm.

Also had to break the bead on Heavy D's tire that started leaking at Pinelands. Boy, there was a lot of sand way down deep in that bead. Had to reseat it twice before I go it all out. My mistake was trying to only unseat and clean part of it where it was leaking, which just made it leak somewhere else. Had to do the whole thing. Worked fine though. Glad to have that tire back on the truck and the spare off.