Monday, December 31, 2012

Frustration Factor

Spent a few hours with Hanky yesterday. Ever since Pinelands, it won't run. Barely got it off the trailer and into the driveway. Had to prime the carb just to get it to fire and run long enough to move it 10 feet.

Not much has changed. Still wont idle. Sound like it is running on 4 cylinders. I suspected a vacuum leak because I found a unattached hose under the hood, but thee was no place on the carb to plug it, so I just plugged the end. No change.

So yesterday I pulled 5 plugs they all looked good other than being wet. Could get it to run if I set the idle super high. Now I'm thinking maybe diet in the idle circuit. Which means I will have to pull the carb. Gah. Not what I really want to do. I also need to time it once it get it to run a little.

Oh, and there is a short somewhere cuz the battery keeps going dead. One more thing I don't have time for. Hopefully I can get it sorted out by Spring Pinelands. But at this rate, that's questionable.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What's better than a warm touchie

So Brian H and I took a ride down to Crazy Ray's a few weekends ago. I was in search of a sun visor for a friend's car. Of course they had not one, but two. I got one. What, you thought I'd get both? Um, no.

But I did happen to have just enough cash in my pocket to haul home a pair if heated leather seats out if a gray PT Cruiser. Score!

Now I just need to find some time to install them. That and remember which of the leads is for the side airbag so I don't get a rude surprise.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pinelands. A few weeks late

With the help of Allan and Brian, I was able to get the new '80 front axle rebuilt and installed the night before Pinelands. Got the F250 from my bro and my trailer from mom's, loaded it up and off I went on Friday morning. Aside from a tire blowout at the Harbor Tunnel toll, it towed great.

Hanky performed great on the trail. The new locker and front did great. Unstoppable. Got just a wee bit muddy, but that's the goal, right?!

However, when I got it home, I didn't want to start. Had to prime the carb to get it to fire and run long enough to get it off the trailer and parked. Still haven't gotten into it any more. I changed the fuel filter and washed the engine to get the mud out of the plug wells. Sooner or later I'll have some time to really mess with it.