Monday, April 28, 2008


Oh, and I found the short in the tail light harness (anyone recall the smoke incident on the trail at Pineys?). Yep, just as most of us thought, it was right in the area of the bad floor just aft of the front mount. When moving the wires to make some cuts it sparked. I pulled the battery cable and will fix that later...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

More cutting Sunday 4/27/08

Today, I decided to tackle that B-pillar, to see just how bad it is. Yep, it's bad. I'll need to fab up a good bit of the bottom of the pillar and surrounding sheet metal, just so I have something to weld the inner and outer rockers to. I cut out all of the old patch repair and cut out just about all of the rusty metal. There are still some bits up inside the body that I need to get to, but this is a good start. Hopefully, during the week, I can get some time to cut some cardboard mock ups for the metal I'll need to replace. Thankfully, the body mount looks good (inboard at the mount anyway). I also decided that since I have a full floor panel and stringers, I'm going to cut out and replace the entire floor. What's that you say? Why don't I get a new tub and forget all this work? A sane person might go that route, but I've never claimed to be sane. Besides, I need welding practice.

More Cutting Sunday 4/20/08

Spent some more time hacking away today. I had thoughts of just using the lip-maker floor panel that I have, so I cut back a bit more of the floor:

...and I cut out the rest of the body mount:

The bottom of the A-pillar doesn't look so great:

...but the B-pillar looks even worse:

The Start - Saturday 4/19/08

Saturday April 19:

I finally committed to tackling the cancer on Mr. Hanky today. Pulled him into the garage and got to hackin'. First I had to cut out the really bad stuff. What I found was that the PO had 'fixed' the rocker by wrapping and rivetting on sheet aluminum packed with newspaper. That's right, newspaper. No wonder it's so bad:

Then I cut out off the rusty portion of the lower quarter, to find that it had been patched before, but whomever did it, left the original, rusty metal in there. Doh!
I got about half of the failed front body mount out too: