Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've Been Sprung

Got some good Scout time in today. BH and I went over to BD's place with the intent to then go over to KB's place to check out his liquidation sale. While we killed time before heading from B to K, we got started on replacing the thermostat in Peer Pressure. The old one looked good, but wasn't the Robert Shaw style, so a replacement was in order in any case. We needed RTV, so went and got that, then headed over to K's place. He's more stuff than I thought. Might have to make a return trip, but he offered a set of Rough Country 4" springs and a set of new plug wires for a price I couldn't pass up. Hanky's gonna have a new lift! BD score seat bases and a dash pad for a ridiculous price and BH scored a hitch and a Borgeson joint. Might have to make a return trip!

Once loaded, we headed back to finish putting Peer Pressure back together, which we did in no time flat. Check that one off the to-do list. Now to get that fan shroud mounted up.

Nice to help on other people's truck, but one of these days, I'll have to spend some wench time on Hanky. :-)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Second Christmas

Well, haven't touched the Scout in a while except to unhook the plow and leave it in the garage. This in anticipation of new solenoids arriving, which they did this week. Three shiny new solenoids for the plow pump. I'll be putting those on this weekend and hopefully that will solve my problems and I'll be back in business for the next snow.

I love UPS. They seem to bring by all kinds of new presents this week. They also dropped off a new snatch strap, a new receiver shackle - you know, so I can pull other people out of the mud holes) and a vintage ERTL 1:64 Scout to add to the collection in the office at home.

As I sat here contemplating where to hang it, I decided it was about time I inventory my collection and make sure that my home owners covers it adequately. So, I've started that now too.

I've long considered it a good idea to inventory my parts too, but those of you who've seen my garage and shop will understand why that hasn't happened.

Gonna have to do some rearranging in the garage here pretty soon, so I can move the Studebaker out and get some electrical work done. That should be fun. Maybe that's a good time to finally do the valve stem seals on it too. Add it to the list...