Monday, October 19, 2009

Little by Little

Tonight I got the coil and condensor in and buttoned down, put in a new g fuel filter for good measure and filled the radiator. Fired it up and it sounds good. Need to tighten up the heater hoses. They are dripping a little.

Next comes bolting down the top, Waxoiling the new rocker and a few odds and ends. Also need to get up to get the mudders. Is there enough week left?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shiny and Bright

Was a little (or a lot) distracted this week, but got down to assembly today and got Hanky back together, save the condenser that I broke (but my bro brought me a spare this afternoon) and the coil bracket, for which I misplaced the screw that tightens it up. Otherwise, all I need to do is fill up the radiator and give it a whirl. I was going to replace all the vacuum lines, but I just wanted to get it back together, so I'll have to do that later. I did replace the heater hoses, though.

Looks a little odd having ugly, mud covered stuff I didn't replace or clean juxtaposed against the shiny clean valley pan and intake manifold. But therein lies the contradiction that is Mr. Hanky.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Plow on board

Not much to say about Hanky this week. I did manage to clean and paint the valley pan and the underside of the intake manifold. Tomorrow I'll paint the top side and hopefully get it installed and get Hanky back on the road.

Tonight I took Heavy D on a mission to pick up a Meyers power angle plow for the Scout. Carl B. had just what I was looking for and with a little help from his bobcat, we had it loaded up lickety split. I'll probably put it on the Scout some time after Pinelands.

The left front brake on Heavy D has been making noise lately and it got pretty bad tonight. We looked at it and it seems like one of the pistons in the caliper is frozen. Gonna have to check that out, but might not get to it until after Pineys.

I really need to take a trip up to my mother's place to get the mudders off of old #3 this weekend too. All the more reason to get Hanky finished.