Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Into the light

I got so wrapped up in trying to get Hanky ready for Pinelands, I forgot to post my progress. I'll just skip to the punch line and let you know that I made it there and back, even if I was a day later than planned. 

I had hoped to get there on Thursday night but the Fates conspired against me. I got the quarters and endcap on and the gas tank back in. I did some finishing welds on the floors and seam sealed and coated everything. I cut a light gauge patch to put down over the hole in the bed and I still need to finish the outer rocker and dog leg, but the important stuff is done. 

I put in the roll bar while the bulkhead was still in, so now the bulkhead is staying cuz it's not coming out without the roll bar coming out too. I just zip tied it to the roll bar for the time being. It's not going anywhere. I also was quickly reminded that with the PT Cruiser seats I need longer seat belts. The S10 belts I have now just arent long enough with the taller seats. I have some from a Suburban that I'll try out. Later. 

When I was ready to pull Hanky out into the light for the first time in a while, it started right up, so I thought I was good. But here come the Fates. First it decided to throw the a/c belt, which in turn threw one of the alternator belts and shredded it. Rather than putting the a/c belt back on, I just took out the pump. It's just dead weight now anyway until I hook up on board air. 

Then the starter decided to crap out. After noodling with it for a while late into the night and again early in the morning, Brian Huver gave me the new starter out of his Wagonmaster. A friend in need is a friend indeed! Anyway, that installed I was ready to go. The truck ran great all
weekend with the exception of another starting issue. It would sometimes just click on a turn of the key and other times it would give a brief pause between turning the key and starting to crank. I think that's unrelated to the original starter issue. 

I'll deal with that later. See my thread about starter woes on the BP. 

So all in all, Pinelands (even as dry and dusty as it was) was a great success and great to have Hanky back on the trail. Still have work to do but it got me there and back again. All told, I think I'm up to about 130 hours in this driver's side rebuild. 

Would I do it again? Nope. But I don't regret it one bit.