Saturday, December 28, 2013

Brace yourself

Starting to tear into Hanky again. Made a trip down the Boulevard to get some angle iron with which to fashion adjustable braces with turnbuckles welded in. Took care of that little task on Thursday and got the rear brace installed, adjusted to get the gap right on the tailgate and then removed the tailgate. 

I figured before I get to cutting off the quarter, I oughta take out the gas tank.
So that was today's task. It didn't fight me too badly and before long I had the rear bumper off and the gas tank out,
along with a few pounds of Pinelands mud hidden up in the body. 

As I suspected, there is a bit more cancer hidden up in there and I think I'm going to need to replace the rear pan and either patch or replace the end caps.

I'm still having some starting issues too. Lately, it doesn't want to turn over with the key until I jump the solenoid. Then it cranks fine with the key. All the contacts at the starter are clean. I'll have to work my way back from there, I guess. 

Now just waiting for the battery to charge to get it back in the garage in advance of tomorrow's rain. Oh, that's another thing. I need to chase down a slow drain on the battery too.

Add it to the list.