Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The hits keep coming

Another treasure showed up in my mailbox today. Another Johnny Lightning. But not just any JL. This one is a '65 international pickup that was made for employees for the holidays, complete with ornament hanger clip. Sweet.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Special delivery

I love it when the mailman brings me things. Especially when it's stuff like this.

As a little back story, I had a while ago asked an online toy dealer to let me know web new Johnny lightning Scouts came out an I'd buy 3 of any and all. Well, me never has and when I saw the R25 black Scout had come out a while ago, I went right to his site and, you guessed it, sold out. Really?

Then I also noticed that the new 65 pickup had also been released and that was sold out too. Dang. After checking a few other retailers, I stumbled across one who has one Scout. And one pickup. But not just any pickup, but a white lightning. Oooh. The price was steep, but not unreasonable, so I clicked the buy button immediately. But those were the only two he had. I wanted a regular truck to, so I added a note to my order saying I'd take two more of each if he had them.

The package arrived today with the white lightning, a regular pickup and three of the Scouts. Sweet! They are now hanging on my wall. I really only need two if the Scouts so may use one as a door prize, or if one of my friends wants it... I'd let it go for cost. :-)

More treasures are on their way. Boys and their toys. What can I say.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scouts and Beer

They just seem to go together, don't they? OK some might say that Scouts go best with Tennessee Tea, but since Ray wasn't here, a beer (or 7) will do. Especially when you can drink it (them) with a couple Scout guys at Pub Dog. Great to get out, Brian and Alan.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mini Score!

I've been kicking myself for missing the release of the last Johnny Lightning Scout and had been looking out for the release of the new '65 pickup, but missed that too. My usual dealer is sold out of both so I had to venture farther afield. Thankfully one if my other vendors had one if each and as it happens, the '65 is a White Lightning. Not exactly cheap, but mine!


Had a chance to tear into Hanky on New Years Day. Pulled apart the carb to see how dirty it was. Not much in there, but any grit at all makes for an unhappy carb. So I took it apart, cleaned it out (about the only time Q-tips get used on my truck), and put it back together. Voila. It runs worlds better. Need to get my timing light back and make some adjustments to get into tune, but at least I could get it into the garage so I could get the too back on and do some other work in the relative warmth of the garage.

I'll call that success.