Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back at it

Okay, Hanky is feeling a bit neglected. And rightfully so. I have moved things around it, but hadn't out a wrench to it in some time. I changed that this weekend. 

On Friday I took Heavy D over to Boulevard Sales to get a sheet of 16' sheetmetal. 18' would have done, but they didn't have any. Let me say first that Boulevard is not the best place to get sheetmetal. The price is good (I think) at $55 for a 4'x8' sheet, but their storage shed is less than waterproof, so I'll be cleaning off a tad of rust staining. Meh. I can deal with that. Just be warned that a sheet of 16' is a lot heavier than it looks. 

On Sunday I broke out the cardboard, pencil and scissors and cut a template to fill the gap between the inner quarter and the floor and to form the sweep of the panel down to the lip. Then cut it out of a smaller piece of 16' I had from Lowes. Fits like a glove. 

Now to cut a template for the floor. Since 16' is too heavy for my brake, I'll cut the floor and face of the step separately and weld them together. But before I got to that, I decided that I might as well cut out one of the old patches. I mean, I'm here, why not. 

Anyway, after a couple hours of work, I called it a day. At least I made some progress. Larger holes and one piece cut to fill them.