Monday, September 2, 2013

Operation Seat Base

I finally got to work on the Scout. Last weekend, I put in the passenger side PT Cruiser seat. Went in no problem. Bolts right in. 

But in the driver's side, the seat base needed some rust repair. Since I'd prefer not to have the seat come undone under heavy braking or the like, I decided to fix it properly by welding in new metal. 

First out comes the rot. Then grind and sandblast the surface rust. Cut a few patches and weld them in. I think these were some of my cleanest beads yet. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang if this welding thing.  

When it was all said and done, the seats went in easy and look great. Now I just need to get new make seat belts (the ones I have don't fit into the integral receiver in the seat) and wire up the heat. That's right boys, these are heated leather seats. Fourwheeling in style.