Monday, January 2, 2012

Crawling Around

Finally got Hanky out to where I could test the Aussie at least a little. Went up to my mother's place and crawled around on the rocks in her paddock. Climbed up a little incline strewn with rocks, over some fallen timber, over some other rock piles. Performed great. Got the front right spring hanger hung up on a rock and had to jack it up to get off of it. Rolled another rock under the driver's frame that lifted the tire on that side about 6" off the ground.

One of the front hubs made a nasty clang/pop sound when I was done then the opposite one did the same when backing out of a parking space at a store on the way home. Hmmm. Need to pull the hubs apart and inspect, lube them anyway. Hope I didn't break anything.

Also swapped my spare radiator into Tony's Scout. Had to clean a mouse nest out of it, but it seems to be working well. Now to put the new pump motor on the plow pump and get that hooked up.