Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Truck Named Spot

I think I recently said "It's nice having a Scout that doesn't leak all over for once." No knock on wood. No salt over the shoulder. No rabbit's foot or four leaf clover in my pocket. My bad, 'cuz now Hanky is leaking PS fluid all over my driveway. Add it to the list

On the plus side, I got a rebuild kit for the thermoquad. Took the carb off and cracked it open. It is amazingly clean in side. There is a little sediment in there, which I think is my problem. I'm tempted just to clean it out and put it back together to see how it does. The other half of my brain says go ahead and rebuild it while it's apart. Of course, that logic led me to replace the bushing and seal in my last transmission and you saw what that got me.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Doing What Trucks Do

Just to see if I have all the bugs worked out with both the engine and transmission, I decided to use Hanky on a little mission this weekend (OK, that and the radiator for Heavy D is still at the shop). On Saturday I took Hanky for a ride over to a Rebuilding Together job site. We were working on the townhouse of a really mother and daughter daughter (Dad wasn't home). While other folks were working on paint, electrical and plumbing inside, I was tasked with leading the demolition of the shed out back and general clean up of the back yard. It didn't take more than a few whacks to topple the thing it was rotted so bad. It probably took longer to load the debris up in the truck.

Hanky handled the load admirably. Nary a hiccup when I pulled away. Although, I must say that with 620 lbs. of wood in the bad, the steering does get a little flighty. How do I know it was 620# you ask? Well, I had to pay to dump it at the county landfill. 5020 going in, 4400 coming out = $20.15. And that's without a top, back seat, spare tire or jack. Fully dressed, I'm putting Hanky at about 4600+. Not light trucks, these Scouts.