Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Speaking Too Soon

Did I say the radiator looked like it survived the trip? Yeah, well when I filled it with juice it promptly puked it back out from not one, not two, but three places in the core. Now, whether this happened in transit or I was sold a defective radiator, I'll never know. Caveat Emptor. Back to square one. Might just have to take the original radiator up to Courtney's Radiator to have him fix it right.

After that disappointment, I turned my attention back to Hanky. I got the passenger side inner fender hung with a little persuasion. Also cut some metal to scab into the firewall/floor seam on the passenger side. Once that is done, I can put the other inner back on.

The only other bodywork to do is to clean up the windshield frame and the grill and put it all back together. Then I'm ready to roll.

Well almost. I still need to get a tailgate hinge pin from Allan to replace the one that I gave him to go with the tailgate he sold.

...and I need to trace and fix that leak from the transfer case. Something tells me I am going to have to put it apart again.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New

The 'new' radiator for Heavy D arrived via the FedEx map today. Despite the FRAGILE marks on the box, they beat it up pretty good. Looks like the rad held up though. We'll find out when I put it in this weekend!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Filling the Void in Your Inner... Fender

Did some more trimming and welding yesterday. Not getting any better at it. The grinder is my best friend these days. But, I think that the welds are strong. I'm not going for beauty anyway. I cut out the rusty bits of the flange between the firewall and the floor on the engine side. I simply butt-welded the panels together on the driver's side where I cut out the flange. The passenger side will have to wait until I can move the Scout and get to that side (or until it's a warm enough day to work with the garage door open).

I also cut out the rust (well, what parts I felt like cutting out anyway) and welded in new metal in the inner fender. It was rusted out towards the front of the battery tray. Came out pretty decent. I'l be spraying over it with undercoating anyway, so it doesn't have to look pretty. Going to go do that now and hopefully be able to hang it before I go to bed.