Thursday, February 11, 2010


Part Deux.

Rose early this morning and started back to shoveling. It was a total white out yesterday and they say that we got another 19.5". That puts us near 5' of the white stuff in the last 5 days. oofdah!

Hanky got a workout again today. I did a pass yesterday, so the snow on the road wasn't too bad. Was able to get most of the neighborhood down to pavement and as soon as the sun hit it, it melted it down. Had some grateful neighbors make contributions of gas money and one Starbucks gift card. One chai tea coming up!

That gas money will be a down payment on a new hydraulic pump for the plow. Well, that is what's left after we went out for sushi for lunch today. :-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Oh the weather outside its frightful...

I got out this morning at about 7 AM, fired up the Scout and plowed the whole neighborhood. There was only about 4" on the road, so it was a piece of cake. Then I fired up the snow blower and cleared the driveway.

Then it started really snowing and blowing. The weather boys now say 20"-30" in the B'more area. Will be hard to measure, it's blowing so much. It's drifting pretty heavily and I'll bet there will be drifts 6'+. Hanky is still pretty clean, though, so I might make another run before dark. They say it's not going to let up until morning.

Ah, winter.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ah, That's More Like It

With the help of Brian H, we swapped out the fuel filter, put in new plugs and wires and scraped off some of the slag on the dizzy cap's electrodes. He also spotted what I think was the source for a lot of my trouble. The cap had come off the vacuum port for the A/C on the intake manifold. The cap on the master cylinder reservoir was also open a touch, we think from one of the pressure hoses rubbing on it - could have been the source of much of the fluid on that side of the engine. So we recapped the vacuum port, moved the ps pressure line a tinge and fired it up. Vrrrroooooommmmmm. Now that's more like it!

Just in time for this next storm, which they say is bringing 10-20" of more snow. I haven't touched the Crossfire yet. Need to get that dug out tomorrow.

Working Hard

Hanky got worked hard yesterday. Maybe too hard. with the help of the neighborhood, we managed to get a single lane plowed out to the main road. By the end of the day, Hanky started smoking, I think blowing oil out the dipstick tube. I had added some oil earlier because it sounded like it was ticking a little. Rechecked the level and it was over full. Doh! I managed to fry one of the plug wires, but never fear, I have an extra set on stand-by.
After letting it sit for a while, it didn't want to idle. Would start and run (albeit not terrible smoothly), but not idle and would die as soon as I put it into gear. At one point it didn't want to start at all. It backfired through the carb big time, so thought it was flooded. The problem didn't really start until I filled it with gas, so thought maybe some water got in there. Put some dry gas in and ultimately got it to run long enough to get it into a newly dug out parking space.

I'm going to have to tinker with it today. I have a new set of plugs I can put in and will swap out all the plug wires and if I can find my spare dizzy cap, I'll put that on. A new fuel filter too. And maybe drain off about half a quart of oil.

But baby it's cooooold out there now. Gonna have to wait until the sun gets a little higher!

Here are a few shots of what we managed to accomplish yesterday:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Did I say that?

So, did I say bring on the snow? They say 31" and still coming in Elkridge. I believe it, though it's more like 18-20" in the street. My 24" measuring stick on the deck was buried by the time I got up.

Had to dig out the Scout just to see if I could plow (had a drift up over the plow and hood) and promptly got stuck 10' from where I started - and that's without even dropping the plow. Dug it out and raised the plow a few links and got it out, but this here snow is just too much and too heavy for me to plow. Wish I woulda put that Aussie Locker in. :-(

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bring on the Snow

Got the plow hooked back up to Hanky on Tuesday, ahead of the small storm we had (not needed). Put the new B and C coils on, but no dice. Took the motor off to bench test it and while it was working last time I had it off, it's toast now. It was pretty grungy, so I'm not surprised. Now I'm debating whether to just get a whole rebuilt pump unit or keep buying new bits and hoping that the next one will make it work.

In any case, it's snowing gangbusters out now, with the new predicition of 20"-30" by tomorrow night. I'll do my thing the same as last storm. Drop the plow and run it around, then use the hi-lift to lift it again. If I need to change the angle, I'll just need to run it into a curb or tree. :-)