Saturday, March 26, 2011

When it rains, it pours

Well, in this case, when the sun shines, it pours. Hanky has had a bit of a trans drip ever since I put it back together. Today, Brian H and I went to look at a 79 Scout. I noticed that it left a little puddle in the driveway there, did the same when we stopped at my nephew's movie shoot on the way back. Then when I got home, I looked under the truck and it was pouring out. grabbed a drip pan that I happened to have handy (doesn't every Scout owner) and slid it under to catch the deluge. This isn't a drip, it's a pour and I can see my trail leading back towards Brian's house. This ain't good. Looks like I am going to have to pull that tranny again. Maybe I'll just put in my spare for the moment and hope that is one is good. That new tranny jack might get a good workout this weekend.

What a royal pain. I'm getting tired of chasing leaks in a trans and tranfser case that didn't leak a drop before I took them out.

Oh, and I still need to fix the radiator in Heavy D.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can't Live Without Water

OK, so I think that I fixed the leaky transfer case. Seems I forgot to put one of the bolts back in. Doh! Yeah, how did I manage to do that?

Anyway, took it for a ride to the bank over the weekend and when I get home I see that I'm leaving a trail of water wherever I go. Seems that the water pump didn't survive the 2 year hiatus as well as the rest of the engine. Good thin I have spares. Took the opportunity to wire brush and repaint the pulleys, since I needed to swap them anyway. Now hanky is tightened back up. The only drip now is a little drip from the transmission (why did I listen when the BP intelligencia said replace the input seal?). I think I can live with it.

It's still a bit finicky. I might need to put a kit in that carb after all. At least it's out of the garage now.