Monday, October 8, 2012

Where are you Mr. Clean?

Well, I certainly haven't been blogging, that's for sure. Lots has happened though. A whole summer has gone by.
I broke the fron axle on Hanky prior to Pinelands. Munched the pinion and ring gears. Took Heavy D to Pinelands instead and stoved in the side of the bed. Thankfully it (mostly) pushed right back out.

Alan is helping me rebuild another front axle. Will be heading down to his place his week as a matter of fact. Gotta get ready for Pinelands in two weeks. Eek, I'm cutting this close.

Took Heavy D to a car show earlier in the summer with Bryan and the Devil's Chariot, his '73 WagonMaster.  Also took Hanky to Carlisle. That was fun, as always. There are pics around here somewhere.

And I bought a car trailer. yeah baby. Did I post that already? Anyway. The idea is to use my brother's F250 Powerstroke to pull Hanky to Pinelands. Yup, ride in comfort and get better gas mileage too.