Sunday, July 26, 2009

IH: 1 Jaguar: 0

Earlier this week I had a bit of spare time one evening, so I started welding in the new bits that will makeup the recontructed b-pillar. Went pretty well.

Then there was today. It started off bad and got worse. Actually, it started getting bad yesterday. You see, the plan was to take the 200 to get the last of my stuff from my office. But a migraine threw a wrench into those plans, so plan b was to do it today.

So I get up at 7 or so, diddle around on the computer for a while, then figured it was time to get going at about 9. Got the truck loaded with my boxes, dolly and straps, hop in turn the key and click, click. Crap. OK, I'm prepared for this. Got out the charger, let it juice up for 15 minutes or so and it springs to life no problem. As I'm taking off the charger, I can hear that noise again that started at Pineys. Sounds like a cracked header or blown gasket. I'll have to check into that one of these days, but I digress.

So I hop back in, ready to roll and it won't go into gear. Any gear. Push the clutch in and out. Stiff as ever. Nothing. So I'm trying every gear and finally it slips into reverse and the truck lurches backwards.

Now this is were a frustrating morning turns ugly. It just so happens that my father-in-law goes to church with Diane the third Sunday every month. And he parks his Jaguar right behind my truck. Getting the picture yet? Before I can get the truck out of gear, the twin tailpipes (the lowest thing back there) make a couple of nice marks on that pretty little Jag's nose. Oofdah. I managed to re park the thing by jamming into gear and shut it down.

I don't have time for clutch trouble. So I end up making one trip with the crossfire and one with Diane's CRV.

Thankfully, not a mark on Heavy D. :-) But diagnosing the problem is going to have to wait. I just hope my checkbook can absorb the bill to fix the Jag.

And this all because of a migraine. I hate migraines.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome the Borg

Had a few minutes to spare on Sunday night, so I figured I'd try to get the Borgeson installed. I had heard that it helped to unbolt the steering box, but found that wasn't necessary at all. All I did was unbolt the steering column at the dash and pull it in as far as it would go easily (less than an inch). Then slipped the upper joint onto the column as far as it would go, past it's stop. I figured that I would need about inch of clearance to get the intermediate shaft into the joints and this was more than enough. I slipped it on just as easy as you please, tightened everything up and it's ready to go. Took less than half an hour. So, with the time I still had I refilled the radiator. Should be ready to drive now if needed. I hope to finish up the welding this weekend. Woohoo! Getting close!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dislocated U-Joints

Had big plans to install the Borgeson today. Had the upper u-joint removed and the retaining bolt on the rag joint. Slipped the rag off no problem, just a few taps with a hammer on a pry bar and voila. The upper borgeson slipped on equally as easily. Then came the lower. Turns out that I have one of them thar 13/16" 36 spline steering shafts and my borgeson is a 3/4" 30. Oops. Like 80% of all Scouts have the 3/4" 30, but no, not mine. That's what I get for buying the kit second hand years before I plan to install it. Found the right one on eBay for $71 delivered, so it's on its way.

Anyone need a 3/4" 30? The price will be right.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who's got gas?

That would be me. Got my 80cf bottle of C25 filled up and I'm ready to get back to the Mig. Tomorrow.